Jewish Style Across London With The Jewish Wedding Band

Performing live across London, the Jewish Wedding Band creates the perfect blend of contemporary sounds and traditional Israeli experience.

This band give you a wedding that echoes every aspect of your past and present, and sends you off into a promising, shared future in spectacular style.

Past, Present, and Future Meet In Camden
Camden is one of those places where you feel as though you could easily encounter the whole world in the space of an afternoon, which made it the perfect setting for an Israeli extravaganza that brought traditional values and modern expectations seamlessly together for a Jewish wedding that was everything the bride and groom, and their respective families, could have hoped for.

With the vibrant mix of cultures, attitudes, and social messages of Camden as a living backdrop, the Jewish Wedding Band created a musical narrative that carried the extended celebrations through from start to finish, and drew every generation completely into the spirit of the moment. Jewish weddings are a uniquely special challenge, bringing several generations together in a celebration that is as much about the cultural history a couple shares as it is about the fun of the future they're going to create together. Getting the music right is even more important for Jewish weddings than it is normally, as the right notes, played in the right way, can make the dingiest London back room feel like the vibrant heart of Jerusalem, and bring a little bit of Israel to the heart of Britain.

All This Is For You
The Jewish wedding band understands just how important the personal touch is to Israeli style, and ensures that the music and entertainment at your Jewish wedding enhances your identity as a couple, and the sense of family you've always valued is lifted centre stage by the sounds a band can bring to your celebration.

Joseph and Keziah, Camden, April 7th 2016

"We're a very modern, very British couple, but we also have the deep connection to family and tradition that Jewish people never really lose. We wanted to create a wedding experience that included everyone, including some of Keziah's family who were coming from Israel for this event, and whom she hadn't seen for several years. Adam's musicians made our wedding better than either of us could have imagined – thank you, from a happy couple who enjoyed a truly magical celebration."